The King’s Locket- Jacob Stull

I received The King’s Locket from author Jacob Stull and I absolutely adored it! The King’s Locket is wonderful fairy tale about love, courage, family and forgiveness. While this book is primarily aimed at children, it has such a powerfully positive message that can be appreciated by children and adults alike!

The King’s Locket follows Queen Sonya, King Pador and Prince Verdon as they attempt to rescue their adopted children from a dreadful creature that has imprisoned them, restoring love and happiness to the kingdom. I really enjoyed every aspect of this book from the characters, to the magical setting and the flawless writing style. This book features fourteen full-page illustrations by Irene Gonzalez Frizzera that add so much magic and life to the story. The King’s Locket also arrived in the mail with a colouring book which made the whole experience so much better!

This is such a lovely story with a lot of heart and plenty of twists and surprises to keep you on your toes! I definitely recommend The King’s Locket to anyone needing a sweet little bedtime story, I’ll definitely be popping this one away for my own future children!


I give The King’s Locket by Jacob Stull 5 out of 5 stars.


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