What Cinderella Really Did After The Ball- Victoria Fraser

I happened to come across this story after I discovered the captivating illustrations that Windhoverseyrie had posted to her Instagram page. As many of you know, I usually write reviews on mainstream novels but I have to admit that this short tale provided a pleasant break from the dense novels that I have been reading lately. Victoria Fraser was kind enough to send me a copy of the manuscript and I am so glad that she did as I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

This story begins the day after Cinderella’s ball and provides a fascinating twist on fairy tales as we know them. Fraser takes the idea of typically innocent and naïve princesses and turns them into modern day heroines that are in control of their own story. The reader is introduced to an edgy and self-reliant Cinderella that hides a knife in her boot and is on a quest to find a lawyer in order to sue her stepmother. As the story progresses, many classic fairy-tale characters emerge as modern day depictions of themselves. The big bad wolf shows his soft side, willing to turn vegetarian for true love and we find out that Snow White has been attending law school to fill her time. Although I will refrain from including too many spoilers, this story continues to turn the conventional fairy-tale on its head right down to the closing sentence.

Fraser’s writing is both eloquent and descriptive, allowing the reader to be drawn into the story and imagine each scene vividly. Fraser’s “Random abuse of capital letters” (as she calls it) emphasise many descriptive terms throughout the story and allow the sentences to flow in an extremely unique and intriguing way. Included in this story are multiple illustrations by Glessymariel that really add depth and value to the characters, bringing each character to life and allowing the reader a visual representation of what each character would look like set in this era.

This story is available as an eBook from windhoverseyrie.com for $2.99 and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is looking for a light and fun read.

I give What Cinderella Really Did After The Ball 5 out of 5 stars.


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